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5 Tips for a Lifelong Relationship

July 15, 2019

Hello Loves and happy Monday! Even if you’re currently not in a romantic relationship you might find these tips helpful for any kind of relationship. Here are 5 simple tips to help you build stronger bond with your partner: Y O U I’ve never liked calling your SO “the other half”. Why would they or you be just “a half”? You’re a whole. But you can never be…

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SPF Made Easy

July 8, 2019

Hello Loves and happy Monday! Summer is officialy here! It means a school/uni and for some work break, but also beach, shells, sea, piΓ±a coladas and sun. Yes! A lot of sun! While on the beach we know we need to apply SPF few times as protection only lasts several hours. It’s not a problem to apply it all over your body while wearing a swimsuit. But what…


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