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Summer 2019 biggest nail trends!

August 12, 2019

Hello Loves and happy Monday! In this posts I’d like to share with you some of the biggest trends in manicure of summer 2019! Maybe it will inspire you for a little change? Definitely this summer is very bright and colorful, through tie dye pastels, jelly nails and same colour – different tone nails to neon ombre. Long or short nails – this summer features both! With the…

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I started to clean my face only ONCE PER DAY and this is what happened

July 25, 2019

Hello Loves and happy Thursday! After watching this video on youtube I decided maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to try clean my face less often. I have mixed skin, dry on the sides and oily in a T zone. I have to retouch my makeup (apply transparent powder) once/twice throughout the day. I continued with my nigh time skincare routine, which is: taking my makeup off…

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SPF Made Easy

July 8, 2019

Hello Loves and happy Monday! Summer is officialy here! It means a school/uni and for some work break, but also beach, shells, sea, piΓ±a coladas and sun. Yes! A lot of sun! While on the beach we know we need to apply SPF few times as protection only lasts several hours. It’s not a problem to apply it all over your body while wearing a swimsuit. But what…


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