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I started to clean my face only ONCE PER DAY and this is what happened

July 25, 2019

Hello Loves and happy Thursday!

After watching this video on youtube I decided maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to try clean my face less often. I have mixed skin, dry on the sides and oily in a T zone. I have to retouch my makeup (apply transparent powder) once/twice throughout the day.

I continued with my nigh time skincare routine, which is: taking my makeup off and cleansing my face with face wash and sometimes going back with micellar water and finishing with moisturizer.

I stopped using any face wash in the morning and instead I wash my face with water only. Then I use my daily moisturizer and proceed with my makeup.

I was sure, since my skin is so sensitive, that I’ll get some spots or more blackheads, but surprisingly nothing like that had happened. Instead my skin feels way better! More moisturized and softer. It seams to evened out in its color as well. I’ve been practising this method for a week now and I’m not thinking about going back to my old routine.

I definitely recommend for you to try it! You might be surprised how well it works for your skin!

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    July 25, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    I agree, years ago I use to wash my face with a face wash every morning but I didn’t get any good results and one day I didn’t have face wash anymore because I forgot to buy another one so I use only water and the day after too and finally I decided to wash my face only with water in the morning and my skin is so much better and soft ☺️ And after washing my face I like to use a toner before applying my moisturizing cream ❤️

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      July 26, 2019 at 10:43 am

      oh, a toner is a great idea! i need to get one! 👌🏻

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