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July 1, 2019

Hello Loves and happy Monday!

Today, as continutation of the part I of this blog post, I’d like to explain you how exactly you should count macros to loose fat, gain muscles or simply maintain your weight.

If you’re a beginner I’d advise you to read few things about flexible dieting and get familiar with the whole idea of macro counting. Click links below. First post in the announcements (first link) consist of most important stuff to know.

First step to counting macros is to actually know how much you should eat. Use this macro calculator to get your macros:

Based on given info, you get your macros: protein, carbs and fat which sums up to certain amount of calories per day. Macros are shown in grams and this is how much you should eat daily.

Definitely check this macro group on facebook run by professional coaches who created mentioned calculators. You can get a macro check (look picture below) for free there, look for topics and ask questions. This group is a God’s send! Everyone is incredibly supportive and friendly. I find it extremely helpful place to search and learn new things about macros.

The coaches from the group have also a very interesting podcast you might like to listen to:

So what now?- you ask. Well, you buy a weight and you download a food tracking app, either My fitness Pal or MM+. You put in your data (given and checked macros) in the app and eat accordingly. Remember to weight everything and upload to an app always in grams. Not as “medium apple”, “slice of cheese”. Just grams. That helps you be precise and not go over your calories.

It’s always hard at first since you just getting started. So I have an advice for you. Start with small steps. First day track all you eat not worrying about going over your calories. Next day try to stay within your calories. Third day try adding to hit protein goal. For a while you’ll be discovering that meal planning is your best friend and you start gaining more control over what you eat.

Remember! You eat it = you count it. Which means all the little bites, few almonds, that starbucks latte, peach, salad and salad dressing. Just count everything. This way you won’t sabotage your goals.

TIP: When you feel hungry being on a big deficit to loose fat, it’s good to have a high volume meals like big salads or dishes with a lot of veggies that have low calories and low carbs. You can eat more this way.

When it comes to sweets or chips whatever treat you have a soft spot for, you can eat it too! Just remember to count it!

If you have any questions send me an  instagram dm! I’ll be happy to answer!

xx, Olita

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