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June 17, 2019

Hello loves and happy Monday!

Summer is almost here and probably a lot of you are thinking… “omg I should have started to diet earlier and do that 30 days brazilian butt challenge! I’m not ready for summer and definitely not bikini ready!”.

First of all you’re beautiful! And even if you don’t feel like it you’re definitely bikini ready!

But this post is not completely about body acceptance which is quite a tricky subject. This is a story of how by counting macros I lost over 3,5 kg of stubborn fat and how I was and still am treating myself with yummy food daily!

This is my story

I’ll start with explaining you that I was never really chubby, fat or overweight, but I hope no matter the size you can emphasize with my personal struggles.

After high school I stopped exercising because I hated it. As a kid I always ate what I wanted and never had to watch my weight. I was always “in shape” without having to move my body until… As I grew older and became 21 I started to take pills to balance my hormones. I noticed that my appetite grew and my body didn’t work so smooth with food I chose to eat anymore. 2 years later I met my boyfriend and he cooks so well! gosh! haha. He was treating me with delicious food and we went out for a lot of dinners. I tried to get into gym and exercising but still hated it. I noticed that my body’s changing and my belly becomes fluffy and big, my waist started to disappear. I didn’t really see it right away. It’s been happening for a long time gradually. The last year of my art academy I knew I had to do something, because I didn’t feel good with my body anymore. Meanwhile I tried many different diets and detoxes, but it only made it worse! I was so hungry and sad all the time. Of course I gained back the weight (and some more) almost instantly.

I’ve heard about macros before but it all felt so complicated! I have to weight everything? And how much should I eat? I don’t want to gain more weight!

That time in my life felt like I was in a circle. I tried to get into exercise but couldn’t manage my food in the same time. When I tried to manage my diet, going to the gym felt like a punishment.

Slowly I started to get into weight lifting and exercising with the guide and later app of Madalin Giorgietta. I really liked her and the whole community of workitwomen. I decided I’m gonna do it for my own health and future self not just to loose weight. That moment you can say I really got into working out! Finally!! Which I still cannot believe. haha! Now I feel great and love going to the gym! I go religiously 3x a week.

My diet was really bad though. A lot of stress made me binge on my favorite chips and pasta. After I got my master’s degree and had more free time I started to read more about macros and how to count them. I was still really confused. I was getting frustrated and knew if I want to feel comfortable in my body as I used to before I need to change my eating habits.


Now I want to share with you a secret, that so many people ignore or just are afraid to believe it’s so simple! To loose weight you just have to stay in caloric deficit. It means to eat less than you burn! You can eat anything you want as long it fits your daily calories in this fats, carbs and protein.

I know it sounds confusing and for me It wasn’t easy either. But slowly and steady I learned and read as much as I could. I joined the fantastic group on fb Macros.Inc and with the help of personal trainers there and the calculator on their website I knew exact calories, grams of proteins, fats and carbs I should eat to loose that stubborn fat.

And believe it or not, IT’S WORKING! I’m still a little far from my goal but I can see so many changes in my body! Clothes fit better and I’m starting to see muscles on my body I never knew existed! It’s a wonderful feeling to know I found my way through love of exercise and nourishing my body with tasty foods to achieve my goal!

I’m sure you’re asking, but how do macros actually work? In the next post I’m gonna explain everything you need to know about macros.

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xx, Olita

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