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Work It With MG! My Fitness Journey PART 1

March 18, 2019

Disclaimer: I’m not financially connected to Work it with MG and other products neither was paid for writing the post. It’s my personal opinion based on my private experiences.

Hello Loves!

Today I wanted to share with you my fitness story. A lot has changed since I wrote post about my workout routine.

I finished my last post about #bbg with words I’m getting ready to start BBG again soon!. Well… I tried and failed during… 3rd week. I gave up. I love all what Kayla Itsines stands for but the exercises themselves. Endless pushups and burpees didn’t bring me any joy whatsoever and I felt unmotivated.

As time progressed I felt worse and worse with my body. I felt sooo fat (I was never really overweight, just saw myself as I am in the mirror) and mentally weak; I let myself eat all I wanted during very stressful time in my life happening that moment. I knew I need to change and start to get healthier.

Then something switched. I started to look at working out as a way to help myself be the healthiest I’ve ever been and becoming the best version of myself. Fueling my body with all the good foods still allowing myself to eat all I wanted (in moderation, of course). I started to count my macros and looked deeply into what I eat.

Then I searched for an inspiration and motivation that will take me back to the gym. I knew I need to find other fitness guide than BBG since this one just wasn’t for me. I watched a lot of youtube videos of many different girls who talked about loosing weight, their healthy lifestyles and which guide they followed to get those glutes burning!

As youtube took me down the rabbit hole of fitness videos many times I’ve heard the name Madalin Giorgetta and girls raving about her amazing gym and home guides. I was very tempted but wanted to get to know Madalin a little bit better. I found her YouTube channel and started binge watching all her videos. I followed her instagram and checked out the progress photos on her another ig account. I fell in love. With community, exercises and Madalin herself. I bought the home guide since I figured I could switch my days between working out in the gym and home as I used to do before.

The guides are not available for purchase at the moment.

The exercises incorporated weight training and they were divided for upper, lower body parts and full body workouts. Thanks to this guide I felt stronger than ever and felt pure joy out of going to the gym! It gave me confidence, motivation and healthy mind set. The guide is written for 8 weeks of working out 3 times a week with optional added glute pumpers exercises. I finished the guide 4 times! It ads up for 32 weeks = about 8 months of consistent going to the gym and working out 3x per week! I didn’t skip even one workout! Thank you Maddy! <3

By the time I was finishing the 4th round of #BodybyMG home guide I found out that Maddy is coming out with her brand new app WORK IT WITH MG! Without even thinking I downloaded the app and now I follow the gym program of Blast and Burn. I highly recommend the app to everyone who wants to get hooked on working out, healthy lifestyle and finding (or increasing) self love!


To not make this post too long I divided it to two parts. In the next part I’ll tell you all about the app and give you a full review. For now maybe you’d be interested to check things all about Maddy and start your healthy lifestyle today!

Check out the links below!

Official website
Maddy’s Instagram
Maddy’s YouTube channel
Progress Photos of WORK IT WOMEN
Work it with MG app FAQ

Let me know what you think! Did you already know Madalin?

xx, Olita

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